PC Version Online!

Hello Everyone,

So, here are some updates of what we are working on and planning on our project :)

Finally, the PC version is available :) For now it is an overview, so it is not as immersive as the VR one as you can't grab object. This function will be added on the next update.


This past month we have been working on fixing some issues on the VR and PC versions. These are the changes that have been made in the latest PC and VR build :

  • Changed loading of each level as this was too long.
  • Changed tutorial composition
  • Changed lighting in every level
  • Added water in first level
  • Changed water material in third level
  •  Improved weapon throwing mechanic
  • 3D SFX + other audio changes (you know better what to write here)
  •  Improved Viking hall mesh
  • Added more weapons inside Viking hall
  • Improved weapons rack mesh Changed intro and credits (edited)



As we noticed some performances issues, we are actually doing bug fixing that will allow the game to run smoothly.

We will clean up our old blueprint but also rework on LOD as well as shader performances and material setup. The fog material will be cleaned and optimised. Skylight and Fix lighting by switching to dynamic lighting.

We are looking forward to reading your comments and get your feedback!

The Folktales Team :)


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