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In this narrative game, with 3 levels available, you can discover the Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, explore the wilderness and interact with the world around you. Let yourself be charmed by our ethereal narrator and beautiful landscapes from the days gone by. Experience the life of a Viking with artefacts they once used in their daily lives


this prototype is to test gameplay features and do not represent the final product! Your feedbacks are welcome and precious to help us making the game evolve! Feel free to share your thoughts with us on the page or on the comment section ;)

Also, the PC version is an older version than the VR one



The music of the game is inspired by the few existing archaeological traces and Nordic Folk Music. You can download the full soundtrack on this page  :) (with the game) 

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Lost Myths : Sons Of Ragnar (VR) 536 MB
Version 1.1.3 Jan 28, 2021
Lost Myths : Sons of Ragnar (PC) 494 MB
Lost Myths: Sons of Ragnar - Soundtrack 107 MB
Lost Myths : Sons of Ragnar (VR) - Google Drive Download Link

Install instructions

  • Install Steam VR
  • Download from Web: Unzip the game files, then launch the .exe file
  • Download from Itch.io App: Install and launch the game
  • Enjoy and play! ;) 

We recommend downloading the Itch.io app on Windows 10

The game can be played in any Desktop VR headset. It only runs on Windows systems for now.  

Minimum requirements coming later on, so expect crashes and bug.  Please let us know of any issues you encounter in the comments section or on our Discord:  https://discord.gg/sXfCHeY

If you want a claimable key drop us a message in the comment section or in our Discord  server ;)

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May a snag a claimable key? Purchased game in the lunar new year pack.

Hey! Yes sure. :) Here is the link for it https://folktalesdigital.itch.io/lost-myths-sons-of-ragnar/download/uVDd43kCCTAY...


目前,该游戏仅提供英语。 完整版游戏将提供中文。

For now, the game is only in English. Chinese language will be available for the full game release.


1至2年之间。 这将取决于我们能增加多少团队

between 1 and 2 years. It will depend on how much we can grow the team :)

the game look great

Cheers! We are glad you like it :)

Thank for the giveaway

You're welcome ;)

Good start, I look forward to seeing it in full and will being in my VR.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

haha that's brilliant! Thanks a lot :)  

On the next PC version  update  players will be able to grab objects and mess around with it ;)

Later on puzzles will be added too ^^

I don't use VR but this looks like a good game. Does it only work on Windows 10 or you can make it work on Windows 7?

the PC version should work on both as long as it's 64 bit and not 32 bit :)

Thank you, my Windows 7 is thankfully 64 bits.  


Wonderful, really well crafted. Something that must be experienced if you've any interest in viking tales, and even if you dont. Great job everyone involved!

Thanks a lot for your delightful feedback! That's incredibly supportive and very encouraging :)

we just saw you did a video of the VR gameplay on YouTube ! :) Many thanks! :D